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    Hogsback is a forest oasis set in the Amathole Mountain Range, high above the hot, dry plains of the Eastern Cape. Emerald forests echo the screech of Cape Parrots and the croak of Loeries as they flash their scarlet underwings amidst the treetops. The deep boom of male Samango monkeys punctuates the cheeping of the lesser members of their clans. Silver streams thread their way along the forest floor, jumping and tumbling ever downhill to the Thyume valley below.

    Hogsback is a quiet celebration of the richness of life; a place to restore the soul.

    Moyeni is situated fairly close to the Chapel, about one and a half kilometers from the Arminel hotel, and a stone's throw from its sister property, Ashfield-on-Hogsback.

    Moyeni was one of the earliest properties built on the mountain. The Farm House was built in 1927.

    The two self-catering cottages, Thatchfield and Nutwood Cottages, have been tastefully developed in sympathy with the country cottage tone of the property.

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